8 Signs of Wound Infection

Aug 16, 2019

If you get an injury, sometimes you may be able to let it heal without medical intervention. However, some wounds get infected, making it crucial that you visit an Express ER near you. If not, the infection could spread and lead to drastic and fatal consequences. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of a wound becoming infected and when to visit an emergency room near me.

High Fever

If surgery has been performed, a low-grade fever is common, but these are under 100 degrees F. If the temperature goes above 101, the wound may be infected, and a course of antibiotics may be needed as well as other treatments.

Redness Surrounding the Wound

Initially, a wound will appear to be red due to the body’s natural response and healing process. However, the redness should dissipate within the next week or so. If not, you should keep an eye on the wound for further signs of infection.

Swelling Around Wound

Much like the redness patients may experience, swelling is normal as well. However, it should decrease over time – if not, this may be a sign of an infection developing.

Increasing or Persistent Pain

Pain should get better over time, not worse. If the pain continues to worsen, you may need to speak with a medical professional about your wound.

Drainage That is Green, Cloudy, or Has a Foul Smell

Normal drainage is clear or may be slightly yellow, and no odor is present. Infections produce drainage that looks different and may smell foul.

Loss of Movement or Motor Functions

Losing the ability to move areas of the body as normal is another sign that an infection may be developing, as the wounded area should not be too stiff, painful, or weak to move.

Skin is Hot Near Wound

The skin can feel a bit hotter around the wounded area, but if it does not begin to cool down, the body could be fighting off an infection.

Feelings of Fatigue

Asking someone how they feel can help you know more about the wound than they let on. When recovering, they should begin to feel better each day. If there is an infection, patients may feel fatigued.