At Express ER we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for each of our patients. We often get asked common questions and have decided to discuss our most frequently asked questions here at Express ER. Have additional questions? Feel free to ask us when you visit our emergency room.

What is a free-standing emergency room?

A free-standing emergency room is a medical facility which is not attached to a local hospital, however, provides the same care as a hospital-based ER. At Express ER we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide emergency medical care at any time. Express ER is staffed with board-certified, emergency physicians and a team of highly qualified medical professionals.

Why are hospital emergency rooms always crowded?

When it comes to hospital-based emergency rooms, they tend to be extremely crowded and often have extended wait-times before receiving care. This can typically be attributed to the shortage of specialists, patients using the emergency room for non-urgent, primary care needs, lack of inpatient beds and an increase in populations daily. Due to these issues, hospital emergency rooms typically have long wait times and are overcrowded.

How are free-standing ERs different from urgent care centers?

When it comes to urgent care centers, they are typically designed to treat patients that are suffering from non-urgent medical conditions that cannot see or do not have a primary care manager. Free-standing emergency rooms are designed to provide the same level of emergency medical care as a hospital-based emergency room and are equipped with advanced technology, and staffed with board-certified physicians.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, you do not need an appointment. However, we do recommend checking-in online for immediate emergency care. Express ER is open 24/7/365 for any of your family’s emergency medical care needs.

What if I’m currently experiencing problems with my insurance company?

In the event your insurance company refuses payment for your emergency room visit, we recommend filing a grievance with the Texas Department of Insurance. Per state law, insurance providers are required to reimburse patients for emergency room visits. Interested in learning more? Refer to:

What if my health condition requires me to stay in the hospital overnight?

In the event we diagnose your condition and feel an overnight hospital stay would be best, we can help transfer you to the appropriate facility for you to receive the diagnostics, treatments, and observations needed to help you fully recover.

Do you provide emergency care for children in addition to adults?

Yes, at Express ER our emergency physicians are proud to provide emergency care for patients of all ages, from infants and children to adults and the elderly. Regardless of your family’s medical needs, we’d be happy to help.