How To Protect Your Teen Athlete From Injury


Everyone knows how most teens love sports and if they had their way, they would be playing sports of some sort 24/7. Homework, of course, is just an afterthought. As parents, few have a problem with their children being active versus the opposite of what they could be doing as a couch potato.

Even at that, physical sports can be dangerous to a teenage body, but the teens do not realize it as they push themselves to the limit. It seems no matter what you do to try to take extra precautions in keeping them safe; there will still be injuries.

When you sit down with your teen’s doctor after they have had another injury, it is about time to start taking some action steps to try harder to protect your teen.

Teens throw caution to the wind when it comes to playing a sport they love. They push hard because they are having so much fun and who are you as a parent to stop the fun. Kids do not think about the dangerous potentials for themselves. They do not believe that they can break a hip because that is for old people.

In the event your child or teen meets with an unfortunate accident while playing sports The Emergency Care Room here in WACO, 76710 is near you to help in any way we possibly can. We support our local schools and their sports programs.

As parents, you must try everything in your power to work to keep your kids safe from the possibility of injuries while they are out playing and thinking of nothing else but that moment of fun.

Make Sure Your Teen Always Stretchs First

Stretching before your child begins playing any sport usually never will enter their mind. Some kids will walk around in the school gym, grab up a ball and then start playing without any stretches. They have entirely forgotten about the doctor telling them over and over to stretch their muscles the right way to loosen up their muscles because it will help prevent an injury. They should be stretching BEFORE they go into the gym and before they are tempted to start playing anything.

Never Miss Having Them Get That Yearly Sports Physical

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for kids and teens to have their yearly physical for sports. It is an excellent time for the doctor to touch bases and have your doctor go over your kid with a fine tooth comb to make sure there are no issues or problems. Most schools require this be completed before your child is allowed to play sports.

Wear the Right Gear

Most kids think that basketball gear is the right clothes and right shoes. Sports gear is much more than that in today’s time. It includes a lot of protective equipment for your child. One item called 2nd Skull headgear has become an essential piece of protective gear for most teens.

Most parents have probably never heard of it. The 2nd Skull produces the standalone bands and the protective skull caps that are being used in a variety of sports. For those who have kids involved in sports, you should have them wearing the 2nd Skull Band. The Band is designed using some unique construction material with Poron XRD that will provide the shock absorption that is significant and demonstrable, with all of this being shown to be effective in laboratory testing. Many wonder how in the world this could work?

The 2nd Skull Bands and Caps are there to help in protecting the young athletes by giving a thin layer of this material that has been designed to absorb impact to the head. The extra thin layer is made of XRD Technology and has an extreme energy absorbing material which is made from some unique molecules composed of urethane that is flexible and soft while at rest and then hardens momentarily when under sudden pressure.

To the teen, the 2nd Skull® Band looks very similar to a regular sweatband; but, it goes further in protecting your child’s head than a traditional headband does. It is a comfortable fit, pleasing to look at and has Mircoban(R) antimicrobial protection to defend against odors and stains. It is made in the USA, a product that has made it the winner of the NFL Head Health Tech II Challenge and a perfect way to offer your teen an extra layer of protection while they are playing sports.

The 2nd Skull Band should be a part of every teens game-day gear. They are starting to understand how important it is to protect their brain from the injuries they could incur. They only want to think about our teens playing sports; as parents we just want them to be safe and be able to do what they love. That lets 2nd Skull help us out by meeting the needs of both teen and parents.

If you are a parent of an athlete, please learn more about the 2nd Skull and other products they make. If your teen happens to play sports in which they wear a helmet, check out the protective skull cap by 2nd Skull that will fit perfectly under their helmets to lessen the impact of the blows they receive to their heads.

Biomechanical testing at labs in the United Kingdom and North America has proven that the skull cap reduces both linear and rotational impact when it is worn underneath other athletic and football helmets.

Now is the time to take protective action for your teen.

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