Natural Remedies for Sciatica


Before heading to an ER near you to find relief from your sciatic nerve pain, you may want to investigate some natural remedies to see if you can find comfort without medical treatment. Although lower back sciatica can be quite painful and actually need pain relief treatment from a facility such as Express ER, some patients have found a modicum of relief from some of the home treatments we’ll discuss in a moment. But before that, let’s talk about the basic of sciatica and its symptoms.

Understanding More About Sciatica

Although there is no substitute for a full medical diagnosis which you can obtain by searching for an “emergency room near me,” the condition known as sciatica can be defined as a pain or tingling – and sometimes even a numbness – in the sciatica nerve which runs down the buttock and into the foot. Because this nerve has several branches, the associated pain can not always be pinpointed to one exact location.

The Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Because the sciatic nerve branches through a large portion of the human body, the symptoms of sciatica can vary by individual. But for the most part they present as:

  • Persistent pain in one side of the buttock, leg, foot, or ankle
  • Weakness, tingling, and numbness along this same trajectory
  • Pain that is often described as “hot, burning, or searing”
  • A radiating pain down the leg that can affect the ability to walk or stand up

Some of these symptoms are also included in the profiles of other medical conditions that may require urgent care, so if you experience even one of them for a prolonged period, it is suggested that you seek diagnosis and treatment.

Movement Can Provide Comfort

Although it sounds almost counter-intuitive to the condition of sciatica — which can often leave people impaired in their mobility — one of the best remedies to find relief is to find a way to move your body. It doesn’t have to be anything frantic like running a 10K, it only needs to be the simple action of movement and motion. Ideas include yoga, short walks, swimming, or other low-impact cardiovascular activity.

Over-the-Counter Ideas for Comfort and Care

Some patients have reported that the use of Capsaicin Cream, Devil’s Claw, Arnica, and St. John’s Wort Oil also offer relief to the condition of sciatica.

The Bottom Line on Pain

The bottom line on persistent pain is that it’s your body trying to tell you that something needs attention. If you’re unable to pinpoint what you need to do to give the pain the attention it deserves, remember that the medical professionals at Express ER are available 24/7 to provide diagnosis, treatment, and pain relief.

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