Rashes – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment 


A change in the texture or color of your skin is called a rash. Itchy, scaly skin is the result of rashes. The common cause is inflammation in the skin. Rashes have different types depending upon the factors causing them. Depending on the types of rashes, the treatment and effects vary.

Sometimes, patients may be sensitive to a specific medicine. So, that can cause rashes or skin issues. Let’s have a look at some of the most common rashes.

  • Eczema
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Ringworm
  • Heat rash

Now that you know about the rashes, let’s look at the symptoms of each type of rashes.

Eczema Attack on Your Skin

Eczema is a small term but covers several different types of skin rashes like inflamed skin, red and scaly skin. The most commonly found type of eczema is atopic eczema. However, what is it and how can it affect your skin? It is a common disorder found in children. The rashes occur on the inner side of knees and elbows, cheeks, wrists, and ankles. Asthma and hay fever patients also suffer from atopic eczema.

Contact Dermatitis

Another type of skin rash is contact dermatitis. It occurs because the patient gets in contact with a chemical to which he/she is allergic. The skin becomes glutinous and itchy. It may be due to contact with chemical and some women are allergic to nickel jewelry.  If you are suffering from contact dermatitis, you should look for emergency room near you.

Psoriasis Is Troubling

Psoriasis is getting common these days. This rash leaves scaly and silvery skin. The infected parts are elbows, knees, and scalp. It seems like dandruff at first but the pain and itching caused due to scaly skin is the alarm for you.

Medicinal Side Effects

Some drugs or medicines are also responsible for causing rashes. The side effects of medicines leave red and itchy skin. Sometimes bumps are also formed on the hands or other body parts. You need to get it checked before it gets worse. In case of side effects from medicine, visit an emergency room, so that a physician can check you.


An itchy circular rash with raised sides is identified as ringworm. It is a fungal infection and itching may affect you worse than you think. First, a brown patch turns red and causes a lot of itchiness. Rubbing it complicates the allergy and getting an ointment is important. The ring gradually spreads and covers more areas of the skin. The center of the ring seems to find but the sides are red and raised.

Milleara or Heat Rash

The sweat ducts of the body osculate and form blisters. Heat rash looks like acne and is very itchy. The main causes are high humidity and heat. The commonly affected parts include the groin, inside elbows and knees, neck, and under the breasts.

The Common Symptoms of Skin Rash

Skin rashes are quite common among people and do not get depressed about them. The majority of the rashes have some common symptoms that you can easily identify. Here are a few of them.

  • Itching is the most common symptom in skin allergies
  • Redness around the infected area
  • Scaly skin is not a result of every skin rash but it a common one
  • Itchiness is most probably due to dry skin
  • Fluid-filled blisters may be formed as well
  • Sometimes you may find scratches on your body

These are just some common symptoms and if you have any of these, consult emergency care immediately. Itching or not treating the rash at all will not end well.

How to Treat a Skin Rash

Treating rashes is not very tough. The most effective way is to find an emergency room near you. A doctor can diagnose the type of rash and will prescribe you the most appropriate ointment and medications needed. Do not try to treat it yourself. Your skin rash can get worse if you try some ointment on your own.

How to Find the Right Doctor for Skin Rash

Do not get scared if you have red, itchy, dry, or scaly skin. At Express ERs you get treated with the care you deserve. The doctors are always available in the emergency room to treat you. A skin rash does not seem to be a serious case but ignoring it can be a serious problem. The above-mentioned sin rashes are some serious ones that you should be worried about. Do not forget to tell our doctors about medical history if you have. Maybe the rash you have is a side effect of a medicine you are already having. Just an ointment might not cure it. Our doctors will make sure your skin rash gets treated and the other medicines are substituted as well.

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