Top 5 Work-Related Injuries

Jul 01, 2019

Although an increasing number of employers are practicing the “safety first” methodology to provide a safe work environment for their employees, one simple fact remains. Work-related injuries can occur in any line of employment! Although most commonly thought of as a fallout from construction or labor-intensive work environments, work injury treatment can become a priority in every profession!

Following are the top five work-related injuries emergency rooms treat, as well as some pointers to help stave off future injuries.

  • Slips and Falls: Although the most common culprit is a wet floor that hasn’t been marked off, these types of injuries can also occur in work settings where there is either inadequate lighting or the work areas are cluttered. Try to stay mindful of your footing at all times to avoid an accident, and if you do notice a potential risk, alert your employer immediately.

  • Repetitive Motion: This type of injury is most often seen in fixed-position activities such as keyboards, assembly lines, and other repetitive motion requirements. These injuries account for over $20 million in worker’s compensation – so if your employer is not providing the ergonomic tools and breaks you need to do your job injury-free, they might appreciate learning about the cost-savings advantage to them!

  • Machinery and Equipment: Hands down that dangerous equipment and fast-acting machinery demand special care. Most employers have safety training and rules that need to be adhered to in these work environments. If you feel that you haven’t received adequate safety training, tell your manager about your concerns.

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries: These types of injuries are similar to repetitive motion injuries in some way because they can be a result of prolonged static structure and frequent or repetitive stretching. But they can also be from overexertion, fatigue, and improper access to safety equipment such as back supports for jobs that require heavy lifting. Again, if you think modifications can be made to enhance the safety of your role, make sure to talk to your manager.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Although this category seems uncommon since auto accidents don’t typically occur in a work setting, they do happen to employees who are running errands for their employer, shuttling co-workers back and forth, or driving a company-owned vehicle as a part of their job function. The secret to safety here is to make sure your employer provides – and enforces – safe driving practices.

An Important Takeaway for Anyone with a Work-Related Injury

Keep in mind, however, that just because you don’t see your particular injury listed above, it doesn’t mean that an examination from an Express ER near you should be put on the back burner. Remember, early treatment is often a requirement of most employers to qualify for work-related injury benefits.