What To Keep in Your Asthma Attack Pack During Cold & Flu Season- Express ER Care

Jan 16, 2019

Every winter it seems parents get anxious if they have children that have asthma. It only takes a small sniffle or sneeze from your child that can turn into a terrible but significant asthma attack that will require you to visit the Emergency Care Near you. Maybe being in public schools the children that go to school five days each week, seem to have more wheezing problems than if they were home. They also seem to spend a lot more time in the office of the school nurse, and then after school, parents usually must go straight to 24/7 Urgent Care or 24/7 Emergency Care for steroids and breathing treatments. It seems that taking a preventative approach is more effective than being reactive when it comes to keeping your child healthy during the flu and cold season. Inside your child’s asthma attack pack, you should keep the products that will keep them breathing easily.

Saline Spray

You must keep it real when you are dealing with running noses. Look to saline drops to be a big help for children and adults. When your child gets to be older, use Little Remedies saline spray because it will do the trick. Make sure that every time you use it that you wipe off the tip of the nozzle with a new Kleenex.


Teach your child to sneeze into their elbow so they won’t be spreading any germs. Do this enough so that it will be ingrained into their memory not only at school but at home as well. Disposable covers to place over your child’s clothes at the elbow area are called “SNEEVES” will help catch that yucky mucous from their nose that spreads all the germs. Sneeves will kill 99.9% of germs that hit them, and they are manufactured in the United States.

Sneeves will stretch easily over sweater sleeves, jackets, and shirts to cover the elbow, catch the germs and kill them when your child is having a sneezy, runny nose week.

There will be times when your child is coughing and sneezing that will cause them to lose a lot of sleep because they are so miserable, and they might complain about having a sore or scratchy throat because that runny nose is dripping and running down the back of their throat.


You need to keep your child’s bedroom air moist when they are suffering from a cold. It is easy to do this if you use a humidifier. Some of the humidifiers are now filter-free and run so quiet you can hardly hear them, and some will run for 24 hours and put out a tremendous amount of cool mist.

Asthma Control Medicine

There are daily asthma control medicines that do a great job for the patient. The newer drugs which are by prescription only are taken once a day, and some are taken twice a day. But they help enough to cut down on your child taking as many steroids.