Dr. Daniel Akers

Dr. Daniel Akers grew up in a suburb of Chicago and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois. He went to medical school at Midwestern University in Illinois and attended the Texas A&M Scott and White Emergency Medicine program in Temple, Texas, for his residency. While there, Dr. Akers published two scholarly research articles and won the “Emergency Medicine Research” Award. He is a member of both the Texas Medical Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Akers is from Central Texas and is married with three daughters. He and his family have volunteered and supported a non-profit food bank in Mexico, feeding children and single mothers in some of the poorest areas of the country.

When asked what inspired him to want to become a doctor, he replied, “Medicine is fascinating. It was the science of medicine that drew me to become a doctor. I am still amazed at the complexity of the human body. However, after practicing for almost 20 years, I find that the true value of being a doctor lies in helping people in significant ways at their time of need. Knowing that you can alleviate suffering and help people recover from illness and injury is truly the best feeling.” He also added, ‘Our tagline at Express ER is ‘Where Patients Come First’. We live this statement every day in our business. We treat patients with compassion and dignity. We treat our patients like family.”