Pediatric Emergency Care Near You

Helping your child feel comfortable in the emergency room with teddy bears!

Teddy bear and pediatric emergency care

Medical facilities often cause children anxiety, especially in an emergency situation; this is normal and we recognize your child’s fears. At Express ER, we strive to ease that anxiety before an emergent situation arrives with the help of our big fluffy teddy bear! Using real medical techniques, like taking blood pressure and testing reflexes on a child’s teddy bear, we help the child become familiar with the procedures and surroundings. Our hope is that the child will become more comfortable and less anxious should they need to return for an emergent situation themselves.

Teddy Bears Are Welcome: Kids often become fearful of any medical facility or supplies. This is normal and we recognize their fears. We use a big fluffy teddy bear to help them calm the child’s anxiety. Using medical play and a soft cuddly teddy bear to help the child be come familiar with the procedure and surroundings.

Teddy Bear Check Up: Nurses and doctors will go over a routine visit with the child’s teddy bear. This allows the child to be more comfortable in the emergency room. Parents can also help out at the checkup, making this a fun play time that helps the child relax.

Monthly Clinics: Each of our facilities holds monthly Teddy Bear Clinics for families and their children in our communities. Be sure to sign up – space is limited. We can’t wait to see you and your Teddy Bear.