Beware of Swimming Accidents in Summer: How ERs Can Help


Summer and swimming go together like chicken and fries. When the sun’s out, almost anyone would want to spend the day relaxing in a pool, beach, or lake. Nothing beats the feeling of cool water flowing all over the body on a hot summer afternoon. Even though summer has a lot of fun, it poses some risks, especially concerning swimming accidents.

Statistics reveal that many swimming accidents occur during the summer, with kids as the leading casualties. (This is the time of the year that our emergency room near you receives the most patients with swimming accidents.) Drowning is now the second most prevalent cause of unintentional death in kids between one and fourteen years. Moreover, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in kids between one and four years.

The risk of injury and drowning is not limited to pools but to other water features such as splash pads, hot tubs, amusement parks, large inside tubs, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

What Swimming Accidents Occur During Summer?

Pool safety is something that should be taught from a tender age. The safety measures can help reduce the chances of swimming accidents that can be fatal since they are responsible for traumatic brain injuries, disembowelment from suction lines and drains, etc.

In any case, let’s peer into the various swimming accidents that can occur during the summer:


As you already know, drowning is the leading swimming accident and is life-threatening. If no people might help the drowning person, then death is inevitable. Drowning occurs when a swimmer is underwater and suffocates. It may happen if you lack adequate swimming skills, are tired, or have muscle cramps.

But if you are swimming in a lake, drowning can result from getting your ankle or leg caught between boulders, an underwater rock ledge, or other debris.

Near Drowning

Near drowning is when you survive more than 24 hours after being underwater. If this is the case, you will need emergency care to help you stabilize after the accident.

Diving Board Accidents

Besides drowning, you can also be injured due to a malfunctioning or poorly maintained diving board. The diving board is sometimes poorly positioned near the pool’s shallow end. Diving board accidents can be severe since they can cause broken bones, head injuries, and paralysis.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These are common accidents due to the slippery walkways and flooring next to the pool. Tracking the dripping water when people come out of the pool is difficult. So, if anyone is not careful while walking near the pool, they might find themselves in our emergency room near you.

Also, slips and falls can happen when swimming in rivers, where you will encounter slippery rocks.

Pool Slide Injuries

Pool slides just magnify the fun when swimming. It increases the adrenaline rush, and it is twice the fun. However, it comes with its fair share of accidents. You can experience friction burns and head injuries because of pool slides.

Pool Chemical Accidents

Pool chemicals are dangerous, and kids are not aware of this fact. These chemicals are essential for cleaning the pool but might cause poisoning from breathing gases and vapors.

Other dangers associated with pools are:

  • Pool toys
  • Lack of emergency equipment
  • Pool and hot tub covers
  • Electrical accidents

How ER Handles the Emergency Cases of Swimming Accidents in Summer

One of the vital things to always learn is CPR since it might help stabilize or even save a life. As you know, accidents will happen far from the hospital; therefore, you might increase the chances of survival if someone has a cardiac arrest. Also, basic first aid can be of great help.

If you or your loved one can make it to our ER with a swimming pool injury, our medical staff will perform the necessary emergency procedures. Since there’s an array of injuries, our medical practitioners will stabilize the patient, then take time to understand the underlying issue to offer the specific treatment.

Express ER offers emergency room care since we have certified physicians who are well-vast and experienced in treating all kinds of swimming emergencies, from mild to severe. Contact us when you or a loved one has a swimming pool injury.

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