Infant Dehydration: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Infant dehydration occurs when your baby has lost a significant amount of fluids. This is more common during flu season when there is a higher chance of getting sick. When dehydration sets in, emergency care may be needed for your child.

Causes of Dehydration

Diarrhea is the most common reason children become dehydrated. The body can lose water quickly, especially when other factors cause a loss of fluids such as vomiting, fever, excessive sweating, a sore throat, and more.

Symptoms of Infant Dehydration

It can be difficult to notice dehydration in infants, but once you take note of it, you can treat the symptoms at home. Some of the things you should look out for include:

– Lethargy
– Darker & stronger smelling urine
– Less wetness in diapers
– Being more fussy than usual
– A parched mouth or lips
– Tears are not produced when crying

If the child is ill and suffers from symptoms that can cause dehydration, things can become serious. If your child is severely dehydrated, medical care is needed immediately at an emergency room near you. Symptoms of severe dehydration include:

– Sunken eyes
– Soft spots on the head of your child
– Less responsive to touch or your voice
– A rapid heartbeat
– Lack of tears
– Going 12 hours or more without wetting a diaper
– No saliva, chapped lips, or a dry mouth
– Pale skin that seems to sag a bit

Treating Mild & Moderate Dehydration

Rehydrating is essential when symptoms of dehydration are present. Drinks for oral rehydration are filled with nutrients that the body needs, along with water to replenish your child. Rehydration drinks are highly recommended for children of all ages to provide emergency treatment at home to infants.

If you notice that your child seems to be severely dehydrated, do not hesitate to visit an ER near you to get care from medical professionals. Express ERs are available throughout Texas, so you can get the treatment you need to keep your child healthy and happy. We work with all patients closely to ensure that you receive the best care possible with no appointment necessary.

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