Send Pediatric Services Straight To Your Home With Qcare

Jan 04, 2018

There is a new service available at Pediatric Emergency Care Near You, called Qcare, and it makes taking care of your sick child/children a little bit easier for you the caregiver, with only the touch of a few buttons.

At Pediatric Emergency Care we are Open today and every day. is a mobile app Platform for on-demand use, to get the parent or caregiver connected immediately on weekends and nights so you can talk to Pediatric Specialists and get a nurse consult FREE or even have them make a House Call. Yes, you heard it right, a House Call! With only a touch of the button, the Pediatric Specialists that are experienced in care for children can be in your home to diagnose, and prescribe medication and treat as it is needed. The Pediatric Specialists that come to your home will examine your child to get a complete physical and history and any diagnostic testing that is felt to be needed – and you never have to leave your couch.

After you have downloaded this new app to your smart phone, as parents you can talk to a nurse by a hotline, and even ask the nurse to come on out to your house to exam your child. A board-certified nurse practitioner will come to your house from our Emergency Room near you inside an hour.

Q.Care can treat many childhood ailments and conditions from the time they are born until they are eighteen years old, and this includes flu and in-home strep testing.

Q.Care coming to your house for its house calls are not expensive when you think about it. The hospital will accept most insurances. You will only pay your normal co-pay and a $25 convenience fee. If you have no insurance, your standard Q.Care visit will start at about $150, which will cost you less than the regular ER or an urgent care charge. And the best part; you never have to leave your home.

The service has come to be a big hit with parents and successfully shown that it meets their family’s needs over and over again since it has been started. We are able to bring back how medicine used to be when the doctor still made house calls. How great is that?